Sites to See in JiuZhaiGou (九寨溝) County

JiuZhaiGou (九寨溝) county, also known as “Nine Village Valley”, is populated with Tibetan villages and really amazing backdrops. Here are a few places in JiuZhaiGou County that worth visiting:

JiuZhaiGou (九寨溝)

It was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992 and has been under heavy preservation by the Chinese government. The majority of tourists are domestic Chinese travelers, which averaged 7,000 a day in 2004 (Wikipedia). Be prepared to spend a hefty penny for entrance and food – it’s Disneyland park prices without the Disney flare and the rides, but the views are pretty amazing.

Our visit in April combined with high elevation made for weather that was just right for a little snowfall

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