One Day Around Kenting – Bicycling

Cycling around Pingtung county (or Kenting) can provide a lot of historical information both about the area and Taiwain in general. Combined with partial flats and hilly areas make this a great area to challenge cyclists from all backgrounds. Easier rides tends to follow the coastline while going inland usually provide a change of scenery and the obligatory hill climb at the national park. I found the most enjoyable views and landscapes of Pingtung county were outside of Hengchun city proper.

Nanmen (南門) at Kenting

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Bicycling Taiwan’s East Coast: Day 3, Taimali to Hengchun

Day 3 (3/16/2014) – Taimali (太麻里) to Hengchun (恆春), 130 km

Out of all three days, this was the most difficult. Not only is the mileage increased, but there are much more hill climbs. I woke up at the crack of down and promptly left around 6am knowing that it would be a long day, but well worth it.

Route (Highway 11 》199 》199甲 》 26 》 200):  Taimali (太麻里) 》Dawu (大武) 》 Hengchun (恆春)

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Bicycling Taiwan’s East Coast: Day 1, Hualien to Changbin

Day 1 (3/14/2014) - Hualien (花蓮) to Changbin (長濱) , 104 km

Route (Highway 9 》Highway 11): Hualien (花蓮) 》Cow Mountain (牛山) 》JiQi Beach, Fengbin (磯崎海濱遊憩區,豐濱) 》Shitiping (石梯坪) 》Tropic of Cancer Monument (北回歸線紀念碑) 》Baxian Cave (八仙洞遊客中心) 》Changbin (長濱)

I’ve packed my gear and picked up my Giant bike near the Hualien Train Station. Got there a little early, they hadn’t opened yet and I had a bit of time to burn, so I headed to the Hualien Tourist Center across the street. This place is great if you need to pick up any last minute maps of Taiwan – supplied in both English and Chinese. Conveniently, I signed up for the Taiwan Youth Travel Card, it’s free and allows you to get discounts to local tourist destinations. Got a few route suggestions from the Giant representative, repacked my gear in the panniers and I was set to go.

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Packing for an East Coast Taiwan Cycling Trip

When I first heard about cycling around Taiwan, I got hooked. In fact, many roads are very suitable for cyclists so long as you are not going during typhoon season. These roads seemingly cater to bicyclists with bicycle stations situated easily within every 15 km. It doesn’t require as much packing for just-in-case scenarios, but with any trip, some foresight is required. I’ll tell you what I brought and what I wish I brought.

Bicycle Pit Stop Station, seen periodically throughout the East Coast of Taiwan

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Bicycling Taiwan’s East Coast – Route

If there is one word to describe the east coast of Taiwan, “pretty” or “beautiful” sometimes won’t do it justice. The eastern coastline of Taiwan provides a scenic escape from the nearby bustling cities as a weekend of relaxation or an outlet for sport enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, camping, or surfing. It also has amazing provisions for those wanting to cycle along these road, allowing riders to weave inland if more mountainous climbs are desired. Inevitably, when I heard about this I immediately got hooked.

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