Act of Kindness – Lady at the Outlet Store

Everyone seems to know someone in Taiwan. It’s this endless loop where you can be spending so much time chasing someone down, and suddenly forget what you were looking for.

Shortly before a trip to Nepal, I went shopping for some key clothing : wool socks, rain pants, etc… you know, hiking things you should probably have. Continue reading


Act of Kindness: Amy at Shoushan

Being lost in a foreign city is pretty common. Locals recognize this right away. Some ignore you and others are generous to offer help.

I had spent 10 minutes wandering around the base of Shoushan (壽山, Monkey Mountain) in Kaohsiung trying to find the trailhead. I’m sure I’m looking a bit confused as I am standing in the middle of the road. A scooterist passes by and yells at me. It’s Taiwanese and I don’t understand. Not sure if they are talking to me, I just kind of stare at them for a bit. She yells at me again. Shoot, I’m in trouble. Continue reading

Act of Kindness : Residents of Taimali

After a 120 km ride between Chenggong (成功) and Taimali (太麻里), I stopped by a wedding dress store to see if I could get any recommendations on nearby accommodations. She picked up the phone, called her friend and proceeded to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to find it unless she took me there. She locked up her store, mounted her scooter and I followed her on my bike down a road that went into a small turnoff. Right on the beach, nice.

Continue reading

Act of Kindness: Lady at Baxian Cave

First day on a multi-day tour along the Eastern coast of Taiwan. Having never traveled here alone and being a little unfamiliar with the area, I decided to stop in a tourist center to ask where there are groups of B&B’s and hostels I can choose from. The lady behind the counter pulled out a handwritten notebook and started calling her friends who owned a B&B to see if they had a room available in my price range. We ended up chatting for about 20-30 minutes afterwards. When I arrived there, it felt as if I were her son who just got returned home.

Thanks for the suggestion!

So…Lady at Baxian caves (八仙t客遊中心) , Thank you!

Occured: 03/2014

Acts of Kindess notes are dedicated to those who generously went out of their way to help a stranger (me).