Act of Kindness – Lady at the Outlet Store

Everyone seems to know someone in Taiwan. It’s this endless loop where you can be spending so much time chasing someone down, and suddenly forget what you were looking for.

Shortly before a trip to Nepal, I went shopping for some key clothing : wool socks, rain pants, etc… you know, hiking things you should probably have.

Taiwan’s main mode of communication is through an app called Line. It’s an amazingly awesome app, that has the ‘cuteness’ that comes with most things asian. So I’m chatting up with this lady working at the outlet store, and next thing I know, we’re connected through Line. Within the hour, I’m in a chatroom with four people I don’t know trying to find a phone number of a tour guide located in Nepal. A few people incessantly insisting I call this guy that I’ve never met, located in a foreign country (and time zone) and that it would be totally OK. I was thoroughly confused by what was happening, and the fact that everything was written in Chinese didn’t help.

But despite some of the frustrations, the intentions were all good and I got some good advice about the state of the Tourism board at that time, which was under a hunger strike. I later found out was no where as serious as it sounds. In end, I got the contact information of a Nepali local who was nice enough to  reach out check how I was doing while I there.

So lady at the outlet store, thank you!



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