JunJian Trail – near Yangmingshan

A language partner suggested this quick hike (JunJian 軍艦岩親山步道) near where I was living. The name literally means Rocky Warship Trail, perhaps because of the eroded rock formations near the top. The trailhead is easily accessible from the Shipai 石牌 Redline MRT station, and there there are plenty of signs from the MRT stop.

It wasn’t until a few days after I found out that my grandma had hiked up this trail everyday to stay fit. It’s accessibility with the surrounding area makes this a great convenient hike. I saw a few mountain bikes at the top as well.

Time:  45 minutes to 1 hour

Does this look like a warship?!

There are a number of hikes in the area.

Map of JunJian Hiking Trail (click to enlarge)

Hiking path up. Mostly stone steps. Very clear, and well paved.

A path that splits off the main trail.

Trail is very open

Tiled roof houses, almost feels like California

This must be the Warship Rock!



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