Sandiaoling Hike – Pinxi Area

Sandiaoling Hike (三貂嶺) – Pinxi Area

A friend invited me to join a group Taiwanese through a 18km hike in an area between Pinxi and Jiufen. The weather held up quite well, and it turned out to be a hiking experience I had never experienced before. For one, the average age was somewhere between 40-50 years old. We were by the youngest of the group. Second, this hike takes you through open fields, brush fields, an old mining facility, and a beautiful waterfall to top it all off.

Unfortunately, my camera was acting up and the majority of the pictures were completely lost 😦 The pictures shown are all within the last 5 km the hike.


It’s a pretty extensive route. Not sure if the names are official as they are directly translated from the Chinese characters.

三貂嶺車站 (Sandiaoling Train Station)→夢幻瀑布 (Menghuan Waterfall)→德宮 (Ruideguang)→三貂大崙 (Sandiao dalun)→三貂嶺山(Sandiao lingshan)→探幽亭(午餐) (tan you ting)→不厭亭(bu ya ting)→牡丹山 (Mu dan Mountain)→金山福德宮(jin shan fu ting temple)→百二崁古道 (bai er kan Ancient Road)→金礦坑口 (gold mine tunnel)、茂風聚落遺址 (mao feng ju luo yi zhi)→地質公園 (geology park)→黃金博物館 (Gold Museum)→斜坡索道 (sloped ropeway)→本山六坑口 (mountain base no. 6)→無極索道隧道 (Everlasting Ropeway Tunnel)→十三層選礦場遺址(13 layer mine pit)→黃金瀑布 (Gold mine waterfall)→出濱海公路搭車返家 (return home)

Map of the hiking trails in the area. This was taken towards the end of the hike. The “You are Here” is not indicative of the start of the trail.

A good length of the trail runs along the ridge of the mountain

Descent down the hill. The tracks were used to shuttle the mined minerals up the hill.


Starting location of the hikes


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