What I miss most…

A friend of mine recently took a position with SpaceX and had moved to Texas. If you asked me two years ago, working for a company like SpaceX would have been my dream of mine.

He has asked me if I missed anything back home. It’s been about two months overseas and I hadn’t really taken the time to think about much until now. The comfort of being around close friends and family is the most obvious one. But luckily, the internet has made it much easier to maintain contact. 

  1. Working. As weird as it sounds, there are benefits to having a regimented schedule. For one, less time is spent throughout the day trying to figure out where to go or what to do – I call this the retirement syndrome. Not having a consistent schedule throws the rhythm off a bit making it harder to to do things I would normally do, like working out. Extra time does not necessarily make more productive use of time!
  2. Being part of a group/team. Maybe this goes with the point I said above, but it’s just awesome working with those with similar interests and goals. Aside from the feel-good value of being part of something larger, there are of course really amazing things that can be done in larger numbers.
  3. Convenience. The convenience of knowing where to buy clothes, food, or other items. In fact, the convenience of buying consumer goods in Taiwan cannot be understated. There are convenient stores (五金行) that sell almost anything everything you would need to outfit your home. But with everything written in Chinese, buying a simple item in the store or online which would take a local a few minutes becomes a 30 minute experience (sometimes an ordeal) for me. No matter how difficult, it was always ends up being an interesting experience!

I don’t think these are points to dwell on and aren’t really major. The fun part of traveling and traveling alone particularly definitely outweigh any of these points. A chance like this doesn’t come often!


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