PinXi Area Hike: Xiaoze, Cimu, Zhongyang

Pinxi (平溪) is such a great area, littered with places to eat and beautiful scenic mountains views. The area is ladened with great hiking trails that make for a great day trip from Taipei City.

Many Pinxi hiking path fall along the crest of rock formations. The paths are guided by steel stakes bounded by twined rope.


Map of hikes off PinXi Railway Stop

The route departed from Shidi Street at around 11:30am. We made our way up when it began to thunderstorm. We attempted Zhongyang but lost our way and took a the valley down to then earby town. The entire loop will take a good part of the day and if attempting, be sure to start early!

Shidi Street 石底路-》Xiaozi 孝子山 -》Cimu 慈母 -》Zhongyang 中央 (attempted) -》Returned back to PinXi town

Trailhead to Xiaoze (孝子) Mountain. Steep staircase.


Like most hiking areas in Taiwan, the The hiking trails cuts through thickly vegetation, but what makes this area unique are the steeply sloped staircases. All that work on the stairmaster will certainly pay off! If you’ve never been on one, you’ll soon find out what it feels like…

Certain points, the path appears to be carved over the years by the many hikers who traveled and flattened them out.

Xiaze Mountain. Steep slope guided by steel stakes.

Rope intertwined with the stakes. Once you get up top, you’ll soon figure out there is not other way to climb up these mountains without gracing against these. Thanks to whoever put them in!

Hillary step on Mt. Everest? Haha, not quite, but there is steep dropoff to the left or right. Not a good place to look down if you have a fear of heights.

Ladders situated by what appears to be single single 14 gauge wire.

Notice the near 90 degree angle from the flat horizontal path (right) to the descent (center)

On the way to Cimu, the trail flattens our considerably, and becomes much more manageable all the way towards Zhongyang.

Path to Cimu peak

On the way to Cimu peak, it flattens out considerably near the top


Looking back, you’ll see many paths running along the mountain ridges

Returning to Pinxi..

Sky lantern at dusk, Pinxi


Take an entire day to do the loop, it will be worth it!


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