Jinbaoli Trail in Yangmingshan

The Jinbaoli Trail 金包里大道 (Fishermen’s Trail)

The Jinbaoli trail is a historic trail and was used in the past to haul fish from Jinshan (金山) to Shilin (石林). This was an all day hike that took us through a variety of scenic points through waterfalls, a cow pasture, an old deserted village, and a bamboo forest.

Trail Map and Juansi Bus Stop

Route : Jyuansih Waterfall 絹絲瀑布 》Qingtiangang Gate 擎天崗 》Xuyan Bridge 》 Banyan 八煙 》TianLai Hot Spring Resort (天籟溫湶)》bus to Jinshan (金山)

Map from Jinbaoli Gate area (Jyuansi Waterfall to Jinbaoli not shown here) Ref: http://english.ymsnp.gov.tw/

From the Jiantain Red MRT stop, the R5 bus goes directly to entrance of Yangmingshan National Park area, where a transfer to the 108 bus is required to get to Juansi Waterfall Bus Stop, 絹絲瀑布.

Juansi Waterfall

The trail is mostly downhill and the pathways are well marked. We approach Qingtiangang Gate 擎天崗 where it opens up into a pasture where there are a few cows. There is a bus stop at this location that has a lot of visitors.

Picnic at QinTianGang, 擎天崗

A few cows at QingTianGang 擎天崗

A small walk away meets with the Jinbaoli front gate area

Jinbaoli main entrance door

The start of the Jinbaoli Trail

Trail descends down and open up with a beautiful scene overlooking the mountains

Trail runs through a brushy area

As of March 2014, the Bayan trail is closed due to landslides and alternate route along the road will take you to Tianlai. If you take this trail, there is a small rope to descend down. There is a lot of brush and few areas were steel rebar are exposed. Disclaimer: enter at your own risk!

Bayan Trail closure notice. $1500NT fine if caught.

Road opens up through bamboo trees

The trail eventually leads to TianLai, 天籟 where a short walk up a hill will lead to a hot springs resorts.

View from TianLai

From here there are buses that can take you back to Taipei city or to JinShan where we went to the night market to grab some dinner. Note the times of the buses, the last one was around 5:30pm or so.

Jinshan Night Market (金山老街). There is a natural hot springs nearby where you can dip your feet. Unfortunately it is seasonal, and during this time (March) it wasn’t open.

Good food as always. Forgot the name of this. If anyone knows this, ping me!

Overall a great hike and highly suggested. I did this hike my first week in Taipei and I was just amazed at the variety of scenes that Yangminshan has to offer.


1.) Yangmingshan Trail Map 

2.) Jinbaoli trail – Daily bubble Tea

3.) Yangmingshan Bus Route


Trail hiked:March 2014, Written April 2014 


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