Generations apart…

My grandmother is one of the most amazing people I know. At 82 years old, she lives/cooks/cleans/shops for herself. I have friends in their 20’s who aren’t even capable of doing this.

Bundled in the kitchen. Winter in Taipei.

She speaks Mandarin, Taiwanese, Japanese and a little bit of English. Though not fluent in English, she knows enough to make it through. And by make it through, I mean move to the U.S. and keep restaurant successfully open for 20 years. In a normal week, she walks to the market  ~1.5 km away and hauls her groceries back in a backpack. Although with a recent knee injury, we’ve had to convince her that it’d be good to take at least a few weeks off to recuperate.

She speaks with much generosity. With nearly 54 years between us, she is traditional yet open-minded and still willing to learn. Direct, frank, and to the point. No dilly-dallying with her, just straight talk. One of the first things she said when she saw my long hair, “怎不喜歡!” (I really don’t like it!). She’d continue on how I won’t find a girlfriend, a job, or make new friends. That demeanor never lasts, she’d usually crack a smile afterwards and ask if I’m hungry.

She’ll even talk shop – business, money, politics. As I’m learning more and more about her upbringing, I see how she has the wisdom to talk about so many different areas.

She can even use an iPad – play mahjong, make phone calls on Skype and send messages through Line.

iPad fanatics!

I can see where my mother gets her wits and personality from – smart, logical, and endearing.


Referenced to: Feb. 2014, Written in: March 2014


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