Bicycling Taiwan’s East Coast: Day 2, Changbin to Taimali

Day 2 (3/15/2014) – Changbin (長濱) to Taimali (太麻里), 115 km

Route (all highway 11): Changbin (長濱) 》Sanxiantai (三仙台) 》Chengong (成功) 》Taitung (台東)》Taimali (太麻里)

But first foremost, had to start the day with a mirror selfie.

Took about 20km to get warmed up. Stopped by at SanXiantai (仙台) for a nice break. Had I know about this place earlier, I would have allocated more time to walk around and explore.

Eight Arch Bridge. (八拱橋). Very neat area – pedestrians can walk the bridge onto the island. I saw a few people climbing/hiking up the rock formations.


Hey little doggy. Smelled my 茶葉蛋 (Tea Egg)

Paths near Sanxiantai (三仙台) – worth exploring/wandering

Once outside of Sanxiantai, it is a short trip to Chenggong. This is a good place to restock on supplies if needed.

”I ❤ 成功 (Chenggong)”


Stopped at a fruit stand to pick up some oranges and my favorite, wax apples (蓮霧)



Cows right outside of Chenggong

Stopped at Dulan (都蘭) and chatted with the police officer. I have never had a bad run-in with any police officer in Taiwan.

Doulan Police station has two campgrounds available. Public restrooms, showers, and water also available.

Just south of Dulan (都蘭) is Water Running Up (水往上流), where the water in the ditch appears to be flowing upwards. Unfortunately it was under construction when I went by. Will have to come back another time.

Quick food break in Taitung (台東). Tour bus just barely fitting through this small street.

I continue heading south and as I approach Taimali (太麻里) and stop by an wedding dress store to ask the owner if she has any accommodation suggestions. She makes a few calls and finds a place for me – the people here seem extraordinarily nice.

Ended up settling in Taimali for the night

Overall, the road conditions were just as good as Day 1. Nice flat roads allowed for a quick ride overall. If I had known the roads were like this, I would’ve been spent a bit more time in the places suggested below. I was on the fence on whether to push further south past Taimali to Dawu (大武) and I’m glad I didn’t. When I woke up the next morning, I was greeted with a nice hill that wouldn’t have been great at the end of the day’s ride, along with the pending sunset. Though Dawu is small town having its own train stop, I did not see many signs for accomodations.


B&B’s are still common to find, but not as much between Hualien to Changbin.

Places Worth Spending More Time 

Sanxiantai, 三仙台 – a few hours would be great here to wander around. Walk on the Eight Arch Bridge to the island with three large rock formations. It is a large tourist attraction, weekdays are best.

Taitung, 台東 – Developed by the Japanese in the early 20th century, there are still many Japanese style buildings that are both run down and well kept. Additionally, there is large mix of aboriginals, Hakka, and Hoklo that makes this town uniquely Taiwanese. Taken from wikitravel, “The East Rift valley is also a popular ride heading North. For a more strenuous ride hwy 197 heading North to Luye and Guangshan is a rewarding ride. South from Taitung the strip of land between mountains and the ocean evaporates and the ride winding along the base of the hill is spectacularly picturesque.” (

Taimali, 太麻里 –  Beautiful beaches, but swimming isn’t advised, the water and current is notoriously rough. BBC voted Taimali as the top 60 best places in the world to watch the sunrise. Hop on over to the hot springs in Jinfeng (金峰) or Jinluna (金崙) for a warm dip.

Photos: Link to full Flickr album here

Video: 3-day Cycling Video – Taiwan East Coast


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