March 2014 Videos

March has been a solid month of reflection and learning. I’ve composed three videos that are related to my experiences this past month. What do you think?

1.) A word game to communicate in any language

I notice so many flaws using Google Translate, and realize that not many things can replace human interaction as a learning tool. I have my doubts with the FreeSpeech program, but still very interesting!

2.) The power of time off

Having extra time does not mean structuring my life better. I felt very similar emotions with the speaker during my few weeks away. Watched this awhile ago, but re-watched after needing a bit of motivation to restructure my day.

3.)”Our Island” – 330 Protest

Sunflower Student Movement protest occurring in Taiwan, beautiful videography and views. The TV media has been extremely polarized, and sometimes confusing. Over 500,000 people attended this protest near Legislative Yuan. In the past few weeks, I’ve learned a great deal talking to those with very opposing views. In either case, I believe this video represents the Taiwanese collective for political reform.


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