2014 New Years Resolutions

The dreaded New Year’s Resolution. Picking a new year’s resolution is like picking your favorite step child – no one really wants to do it.

New Years Resolution Ideas

A new years’ resolution often ends up in in disappointment. A few months down the road you won’t even be able to remember what resolution you conjured up. So why do it at all? And why wait until the New Year to do it? Seems like anytime of the year is just as good. I’d like to propose a different approach.

Choose a project for each month of the year. It’s open ended, any project. If it is a habit forming behavior, it is said that it takes 30 days to make it a habit. If it is not a habit forming project, then take the time to attribute that month with one main accomplishment. Something worth working for, or taking up a new hobby. If it didn’t catch, maybe it wasn’t meant to be. If by the end of the month it has not been continued, move on to the next project because another project awaits.

Ready, set, go!

Conceived: 1/2014
Written: 3/2014


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